Discrete Optimization Methods in
Maritime and Road-based Transport II

Photos by Trondheim HavnCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License

The DOMinant II project is a collaboration between three Norwegian research groups within the field of operations research. Our goal is to reduce the gap between the research frontier and the needs of Norwegian and international maritime and road-based transport industry, by developing new models and solution algorithms for computationally challenging discrete optimization problems in this field.

The economic growth in modern society is putting a high pressure on both infrastructure and resources. The increasing flows of goods lead to congestions at ports and on the roads, but also to emissions of greenhouse gases and thereby contribute to pollution and climate changes. Better coordination and planning of transport is one way to reduce the problems. A more efficient utilization of transport resources will give more agile and robust transport systems, a higher level of customer service, and will decrease costs and environmental effects and thus contribute to a sustainable society.